Spring for Birds

Spring is here and Audubon is all about helping the birds. In April we are asking for donations to buy native plants to plant around Guilford County and surrounding areas. Native plants are the foods for birds. Baby birds of all species need caterpillars that are found on our native plants. T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon has been supporting many native plants projects and want to continue in this valuable work.

Adults birds use native plants by eating the seeds, but they use native plants to find caterpillars to feed baby birds. Almost all baby birds require caterpillars for food. We are spreading the word about how important native plants are for the survival of birds and now we want to plant as many native plants and seeds as we can.

We have several active projects and are looking for projects where we can partner with groups to continue this work. We need your donations and ideas for more projects. If you know of a group that is willing to do the work and we can help fund native plants and seeds, please forward to our board for consideration.

Current Active Projects

Audubon Natural Area - KCE Family Branch Library Pollinator Garden

The Bog Garden - Wildflower Meadow at Southwest Park

Pennybyrn at Maryfield - Pollinator Garden at the County Farm