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Box Turtle Survey at ANA

Location: Corner of Tankersley and N. Church St in Greensboro. Park in the bank lot across the street.

The Audubon Natural Area is a designated study site for the Box Turtle Connection, part of a statewide research initiative coordinated by UNCG and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, along with several other universities and state agencies.  This 100 year study, begun in 2006, will help inform those who manage habitat for these delightful reptiles.

 Eastern box turtles can be found incidentally while engaged in other activities, or through a more organized search.  When you participate in a survey, you will be part of a team of people who together will search a predefined area, attempting to locate box turtles.  

 We do this by lining up within a few feet of each other and slowly moving forward while scanning the ground  for turtles.  More specific guidelines will be reviewed by the project leader prior to beginning the search.  If a turtle is found, several measurements will be recorded and the turtle will be marked before releasing it back into the wild.

Surveys last about one hour.  Participants should wear sturdy shoes, long pants, and use insect repellent effective against ticks (e.g., Deep Woods Off).  Children under adult supervision are absolutely welcome.

 So, if you’d like to take a pleasant stroll through the woods while contributing to the future health of our environment, come tag along with us and help locate these hard to find residents of the Audubon Natural Area.

 For further information contact:Jim Eldrett, Project Leader, Box Turtle Connection Steward, Audubon Natural Area