The T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society engages in educational outreach, including offering informative presentations to interested groups in our community.


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Nest boxes for Nuthatches: Make Room for a Native Southerner!
Brown-headed Nuthatches are classic birds of the southeastern United States. Unfortunately, their populations are declining in much of their range because of habitat loss. Deforestation and development have reduced the pine forests and dead trees they need for food and nest sites. To help this amazing species, Audubon North Carolina initiated a project to place 10,000 nest boxes for these birds across the state. In this program, you will learn about nuthatch biology and how you can help these little birds.

Bird-Friendly Gardening: Your Yard Matters!
Would you like to see more and different kinds of birds in your yard? Would you like to help birds thrive in your yard and neighborhood, not just in special wildlife preserves? What you plant in your yard and garden makes a big difference to the birds and other wildlife that depend upon plants for food, shelter, nesting sites, and protection from predators. In this presentation, you will learn why native plants are so important for supporting birds, which plants provide the greatest benefits to birds, and how you can make your yard a welcoming place for birds. This program can be adapted for an audience of gardeners, landscapers, or groundskeepers.

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